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Define organizational cause, intention and supporting habits creating internal alignment.

Develop strategic plan establishing road map to achieve organizational purpose.

Build communication process creating common language & expanding relational bandwidth.

We Align People, Purpose, & Profit by


  • Identifying organizational PURPOSE
  • Establishing a communication PROCESS
  • Developing strategic PLANS


This structure is what we call the Plus Model™.


The Plus Model™ was the result of a desire to align teaching capabilities with learning capacity.  When embraced and implemented, the Plus Model™ aligns People, Purpose, and Profit by:


  • identifying organizational PURPOSE
  • establishing a communication PROCESS
  • developing strategic PLANS


If we look at our (humans’) ability to learn, the capacity is potentially infinite. At the same time, our ability to teach is not at the level of learning capacity.


There is substantial research supporting various independent learning tools and their impact on our ability to learn.  The Plus Model™ was designed to fuse multiple learning tools together to create a compounded impact on knowledge, retention, and application.


Fusion Dynamics is committed to bringing together the best in education tools and working with organizations to substantially enhance our communities by helping CEOs, leadership teams, and employees expand their personal capabilities to achieve their potential. We fully recognize and embrace the opportunity leaders have with a cascading effect creating better personal relationships and community influence through their actions,  Correspondingly, the firm experiences exponential financial growth and increased valuation.


Fusing together group learning, individual learning, technology-based learning, emotional intelligence, leadership accountability, and Roots Groups™ (internal structured peer accountability) have the potential to substantially grow organizations, people, and communities.










There is tremendous research and knowledge within our universities. Further, there is immense practical application inside organizations throughout the world. Unfortunately, these two sources of valuable information seldom converge. This realization led to Fusion Resources. We are driven to fuse various aspects of business, research, leadership, learning, and life together to make a significant impact on our world by working with organizations aspiring to make a difference.


We are focused on fusing together:


organizations | communities

vision | strategy

strategy | operations

leadership | employees

boomers | gen X | millennials

academics | industry

live learning | e-learning

The Plus Model evolved from working with countless companies of all sizes and teaching graduate and undergraduate students  Strategic Planning, Innovation & Entrepreneurship.


The question was…what is the right combination of knowledge, culture development, planning, and execution that will accelerate organizational growth so that the people make a significant impact at work, at home, and in their communities?  The answer revealed itself in the Plus Model™.  Three meticulously designed programs that, when activated and implemented, align people, purpose, and profit.  Fusing these programs together with seamless integration using our custom designed e-learning  platform and the incorporation of Roots Groups™ has the power to change organizations, lives, and communities.



Fusion Dynamics believes that in order to effectively connect organizations, generations, and communities it is critical to have a uniting Cause.  A commitment to a powerful and inspiring Cause will generate the passion, innovative thinking, and actions leading to engaged and fulfilled employees, organizational alignment, and enhanced impact on communities.


Fusion Dynamics’ Cause


A world where leaders of workplace organizations and companies embrace the opportunity

to be the spark that builds people, companies, families, and communities.



To gain additional insight into the Plus Model™ and how it can be the platform to create foundational and permanent change in your organization serving as the catalyst for personal, professional, relational, and community growth, please give us a call or send a note using the form below.


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