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Fusion Dynamics has teamed with two professors from Colorado State University to develop a better understanding of connected organizations.  The focus is to gain insight into culture, engagement, and alignment by assessing employees at all levels.  The data will be used to support the research efforts of Samantha Conroy, PhD and Troy Mumford, PhD and their pursuit of identifying key drivers in individual, team, and organizational growth.  This represents the Base Level in the table above and includes a series of periodic strategically planned assessments of the organization over a two-year period.  The assessments look at engagement, culture, and alignment and include a short conversation with a coach to review results.


The Base Level program will feed key research and aid the ability to understand organizational behavior and enhance teaching effectiveness.





Define organizational cause, intention and supporting habits creating internal alignment.

Develop strategic plan establishing road map to achieve organizational purpose.

Build communication process creating common language & expanding relational bandwidth.









The Organization Purpose platform brings the leadership team together to define the organization’s culture. This is not your typical vision/mission exercise...we dig deep to identify the company’s foundational Cause which provides motivation and unites the team.  The program goes further as the group develops its Intention for key stakeholders while outlining the internal Tenets serving as the guardrails on the path to excellence.  Focus is placed on detailing Habits and observable behaviors supporting the desired culture. Specific steps are outlined with action plans for making the Cause, Intention, Tenets, and Habits part of the organizational DNA.

The leadership team engages in substantive discussions focused on identifying external company impacts and analysis of internal capabilities positioning the company for success.  An efficient and effective strategic platform is the output of challenging dialogue and honest assessment of opportunities and threats.  Utilizing a fluid, lean approach to strategic planning yields an implementable foundation with shared ownership.  The team identifies obstacles and sets up key performance metrics that are linked directly to the strategic themes creating a platform for ongoing review and course correction.  This fluid approach to planning and implementation enables proactive leadership.

Most strategic planning and culture programs fail to make the intended impact on the organization.  The communication Process workshop and the comprehensive technology and group accountability program that follows, ensure that knowledge retention and application put the company on the intended path.  A creatively delivered workshop toggling between stimulating visuals, inspirational discussions, group learning, and personal reflection provide the basis for habit formation through a systematic e-learning program and internal Roots Groups™.  The communication Process creates the bandwidth for the strategic Plan to be implemented and the Purpose to be achieved.


Peers hold the power to make significant change.  From a societal perspective, peer groups have been the catalyst of virtually every significant change.  Going back the birth of the Civil Rights movement in 1955 when Rosa Parks decided to stay in her seat on the bus in Birmingham, Alabama, she didn’t set out to change the word.  Her experience resonated with several networks or groups that bonded together and held each other accountable to pursuing the dream when times were tough.  This same opportunity to create group accountability exists within organizations.


External Roots Groups™ include groups of executives meeting on a regular basis in a professionally facilitated, confidential setting.  This is different than other peer groups because the content is driven both by the participants and the facilitator.  Leveraging executive level professional experiences and academic research, the meetings dynamically engage in real challenges, opportunities and solutions.  The depth of conversation and solutions are matched only by the intensity and desire to help others.


Initial steps are underway to form new groups of CEO/Presidents as well as  groups with other c-level executives.  Participants are being selected and groups will be launched later this year.




Executive Coaching is an inquiry-based approach to professional and personal development that is aimed at creating awareness, generating action, and facilitating learning and growth.


It focuses on improving performance by helping individuals to develop and sustain new perspectives, attitudes, skills and behaviors.


The benefits of Executive Coaching include:

  • Enhancing performance and increased productivity
  • Improving morale
  • Reducing turnover
  • Attracting talent
  • Increasing self-esteem and confidence
  • Leveraging of talents
  • Building new skill sets
  • Increasing likelihood that goals will be reached


A typical executive coaching engagement is about 6 months in duration, but can be anywhere from 3-12 months, depending on the situation. The greater the change, the more coaching required.  A typical program may include the following areas of focus:


  • 360 Assessment
  • Assessment Review | Goals & Actions
  • Emotional Intelligence | Awareness and Leadership
  • Communication Tools
  • Leadership Application
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Accountability and Responsibility
  • Generational Integration



With a solid foundation in leadership, strategy, execution, and culture development, the opportunity to create a customized program for organizations, executive teams, and individuals exists.  Examples of customized programs done previously include:


  • Strategic Focus Program
  • Board Retreat Facilitation
  • Executive Alignment & Communication
  • Personality Assessment Program
  • Emotional Intelligence Leadership
  • Sales Strategy Development
  • Sales Operations Program
  • Group Coaching



To gain additional insight into the Plus Model™ and how it can be the platform to create foundational and permanent change in your organization serving as the catalyst for personal, professional, relational, and community growth, please send a note using the form to the right.

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